7 reasons NOT to advertise in the Yellow pages

1. The Beeline to the Bin

You immediately throw your phonebook away(you know you do)! No one opens them anymore…

Super Pages Known as one of the largest yellow page companies, Super Pages experienced a 61.3% decrease in revenue from 2009 to 2010. Additionally, their net profit/loss went from breakeven in 2009 to a loss of $16.83 million in 2010.

Dex One Producer of dex and dex plus yellow pages, the company experienced a 63% drop in revenue from 2009 to 2010. Additionally, their net loss increased from $435 million in 2009 to $903 million in 2010; they defaulted on $6.9 billion in loans, and they have $6.3 billion in debt

See what Bill Gates says about the decline of the Yellow Pages and Print Media.

2. The ROI Stinks

Because of #1, the Roi sucks. Look how SEO is crushing them…


3. Where the Eyeballs Go, the Money Goes

Page One SEO - Why choose SEO

4. Inflated Pricing

For decades, the yellow pages were the main outlet for local advertising. Ummmm, this has changed…Depending on the size and location, an ad can cost around $2,000 per year. Add in extra for designing a customized ad per letter or bold font. I used to pay $3,800/year for my two ads in one of the phone books. I know of a business in town who spent $12k a year. With the impossible task of tracking a yellow pages ad, how can you justify paying even $1k/year???

5. There are 3 Phonebooks!

You are throwing darts at a wall trying to nail a customer unless you advertise in all 3 books. That is a losing proposition. In order to have a business card size ad in all 3 books, it will cost you around $1800/month. I know you are scared to pull all of your advertising from the phonebook, but I think sinking $2k/month in a dying medium no one looks at anymore, hoping a handful of people a year see it, is terrifying.

6. Extinction

Meet who killed the phone books…

Google Computer Screen
7. Mobile Browsing

The final blow to the books was smart phones. Which one have you seen lately: Someone carrying around a phone book under their arm everywhere they go OR someone using a cell phone? Thank you and good night.