Don’t think you need SEO? Think again. The list of reasons you need my service….

5 reasons you need SEO…


 1. Phonebooks are Dead.

I can sum up why you need Page One SEO - Phonebooksearch engine optimization (SEO) in three words…phonebooks are dead. SEO killed them. My prediction is phonebooks will no longer exist in two years. You will no longer see the yellow plastic bag on your doorstep. You won’t have to make the obligatory walk to the trash can(which you do!) Let me ask you a question…and be honest; when is the last time you opened a phonebook up to look up a number? Case closed. See my 8 reasons not to advertise in the Yellow Pages if you aren’t convinced. I can make a case that SEO should be your #1 investment(not an expense) in your marketing/advertising budget. That leads us to our next reason why you need SEO.

2. Return on Investment

The return on investment(ROI) on SEO is much higher than all other forms of advertising and monumentally higher than print media. The infographic below shows the dominance of SEO’s return on investment…SEO ROI


3. Cell Phone Usage

With the rise of smart phones, internet usage on-the-go is surging. Look at the stats…

  • 80% of humans own a mobile phone.
  • There are 91.4 million smartphone in the United States alone.
  • Out of the 5 billion mobile phones in the world, 1.08 billion are smartphones.
  • 9 out of 10 smartphone users use their phone on a daily basis.
  • The most popular smartphone activity is texting, followed by internet browsing and playing games.
  • People between the ages of 25 and 34 are more likely to own a smartphone (62%) than any other age group.
  • iPhone users download more apps on a monthly basis (48) when compared to users of other mobile operating systems.

This is the final nail in the Yellow book coffin. Picture of which one are you more likely to see :carrying phonebook and cell phone.  This medium of connecting customers to businesses because results are:

  • Instant
  • Relevant
  • Geographically relevant

4. Google Searches

When looking for businesses, 86% start online. In July, 2009 there were 10.5 billion searches on search engines. 70% of users find a website via search engines like Google. This is self explanatory. If your website isn’t ranked high or you don’t appear high in the local results you lose out on this huge, ever-growing majority of Americans who search for services online.

Page One SEO - Why choose SEO

5. Website Linked to Business Legitimacy

Consumers are increasingly equating your website with legitimacy- I hear it more and more, “I was on your website and I read…”, “It said on your website..”. You no longer hear, “I saw your full page ad in the Yellow Pages” or “I saw your ad in the newspaper”. Sidenote, I’m not wamblasting all print media. There are some forms of print media that I use every year in my other business, so Im not saying drop all print advertising. I’m merely suggesting that two of the largest print media outlets are going the way of the dinosaur. Think about it, most are getting their news online from two or three trusted blogs/sites and statistics show a growing number are reading their local news online.(show declining subscription) Im off my newspaper and phonebook soapbox.

The public is putting more stock into the look and feel of your website. They judge the functionality and accessibility within the first minute and generally form their opinion of your business based off what they saw in that first 60 seconds. With a website being so important in the branding and reputation of your business, how much more imperitive is it that your website be served up as #1 in the results.